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Improvement Opportunities & Programs


Much of my consultative work relates to tailor made projects designed to bring you the changes you need at a rapid rate. These are specific to the outcomes you are seeking and broadly in the areas of process and people improvement. We list the objectives of the improvement project, creating relevant metrics to ensure you can measure the changes being made. These always have defined timelines with a 100% quality guarantee. To discuss a specific change project call me direct on +61 403 341 105 or email me at


While this program has been designed for the Trade Services and Construction industries it can be adapted to any business in any sector.

The Efficiency Profit Driver System is designed to maximise efficiencies and profit within your business to allow you to achieve your personal goals. Efficiencies that we will work on together relate to all the key areas of business that include processes and systems; marketing and sales; financial; people; leadership; time/self management and KPI’s. It is designed to give you an accurate picture or where your business is today and then to use this information to drive your business toward greater efficiencies and profitability.

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When it comes to business growth and personal development, many complicate what is relatively simple. We attempt a hundred things when often if we focused on one or two key areas the many other desired outcomes would be achieved – all from the simplification of focus and aligned activity.

Anyone who wants to rapidly increase effectiveness in their business, career or personal lives.

There is no jumping through irrelevant hoops in this program. It is designed to go straight to the core issues and deal specifically with those. Areas can include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategy/ Business Planning. Gain clarity on future direction; ascertain implementation stages and timing of key actions
  • Personal Performance and Productivity. Increase motivation and focus
  • Marketing and Sales – initiatives and strategy. Align your marketing activities accordingly
  • People. Assistance with leading your management team and employees
  • Lifestyle Design and Accountability. Design your ideal life, define the obstacles and create the pathway to achievement
  • Accountability. Be held accountable for your goals and corresponding actions
  • Coaching in a specific area you require assistance with

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Welcome to a process focused directly on giving you control and growing your business strategically. Many businesses, in the absence of a full time accountant struggle to keep on top of their finances and key results. Sales decline, costs increase, people get lazy and before they know it cash is limited. And many a business has closed due to lack of financial management. This program is designed to put the numbers back into your hand, into your head and to grow a profitable business (if it’s not already) or a more profitable business if you are doing well. It will provide on a monthly basis, key financial reports – based on your actual finances and other key business indicators, thus providing you the understanding and ultimately the control over your business to drive it forward successfully

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