Personal Leadership Assessment

For each statement, score yourself from 1 – 4.
1. Totally disagree   2. Disagree   3. Agree   4. Totally agree

Once you have completed all 24 statements click ‘submit’ and the totals will be displayed for all categories along with an overall score.

Strategy and Planning

1. I take time weekly to think strategically and to think ‘future’

2. I generally always plan my day in advance

3. Goal setting is something I do frequently

4. I regularly take time to reflect, review and forward plan


5. I am aware of the personal situations and issues of those I lead

6. I am a good listener

7. My team are open with me about their failures on the job

8. I enjoy communicating with others


9. I regularly educate myself in my chosen field of work

10. I have definitely improved my skills this past year

11. I am enthusiastic about my current role and work

12. I lose track of time when I get absorbed in particular aspects of my work

Performance Management

13. Key performance indicators are an integral part of my performance management process

14. Data analysis is used foundationally for performance improvement

15. We make adjustments and corrective interventions on a regular basis

16. Decisions are based on actual data not just gut-feeling


17. I have a vision of where we are going

18. I regularly paint the future and the meaning of our work to my people

19. My team trust my judgement and are not afraid to question me

20. I give my team freedom and autonomy with accountability for results


21. I find it easy to delegate tasks to others

22. I always think prior to doing a lower level task, “who else should do this?”

23. I provide completion times for delegated tasks

24. I delegate according to peoples strengths and weaknesses


Strategy and Planning: out of 16
People: out of 16
Career: out of 16
Performance: out of 16
Leadership: out of 16
Delegation: out of 16

Total Score: out of 96

Identify your 2 – 3 lowest category scores and then begin to focus intently on shoring these up.

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