Cigarette butts and the most important employee

April 17, 2012 3:49 am

I recently stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth. One of the employees was picking up cigarette butts out of the garden and I commented on what a wonderful job he had!!! His comment back surprised me. “My job helps keep our hotel its five star rating.” Helping workers see the bigger picture, the importance of our work in the context of customers and our standards, increases both employee and ultimately customer satisfaction. My final comment to him was “that would make you one of the most important people on the team”. He responded with a smile and said “I guess it would.”

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Feedback given to a hotel I stayed in

March 31, 2012 12:16 am

You asked for some feedback so happy to provide it. I am a business consultant so am always evaluating every business I interact with, and thought of some things while I wasthere that could assist you in getting more repeat business.

Apart from the fact that I know your rooms are being upgraded this year (and the room I stayed in this time wasn’t as good as the previous one I had been in) my experience just left me feeling with a lack of attention – both to me personally and also the room (eg finger marks left on windows and mirrors hadn’t been wiped off from the previous occupants). As far as personal attention, it was OK but not exceptional. Staff were pleasant but not actively trying to make my life better. Checkout was a longer than normal experience given that there was only one girl on reception.

If I managed your hotel, I would be looking to teach my people more active ways of being able to connect and assist our clients through eye contact, pro-active assistance, excellence in all areas (cleaning for eg) etc etc. I would also have some of my key people go and stay somewhere like the Pan Pacific Club rooms for a couple of days (where I am now) to learn exceptional service and attention to the small things. I think you could learn a lot from hotels like this.

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Working hard precedes working smart

March 1, 2012 5:37 pm

I constantly hear talk about working smart, as if we can cut out a thousand miles to arrive immediately at our desired destination (and business coaches can be some of the worst offenders). My observations, research and personal experience would suggest that the most successful in any field have worked hard to get their smarts. The road to working smart is through working hard – no two ways about it. No book, coach, get rich scheme, cab drivers advice will give you what the process of working hard will do. And, in working hard you will find the ‘smart’. And that’s where external advice becomes useful…as you’re working. (except for maybe the cabbies advice)!

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Mirror mirror on the wall (2)

November 24, 2011 3:10 pm

People often ask me, ‘how are business’s doing in these uncertain times’? ‘Should I go into business now or wait until the economy gets more stable’? My observation and response to these kind of questions is that that in any economy and in any industry, business’s thrive where a good operator is at the helm. Sure, outside influences affect business, sometimes you have to close the doors and find other avenues, but good business owners see hard times more as opportunities than depressing realities.
I remember starting a new business just after the Global Financial Crisis hit, and more than one person asked me if I thought this was a wise move given the global uncertainty. I recall running this idea past my accountant, who is a very successful business owner in his own right, and his reply was that some of the most successful businesses have been initiated in depressions and recessions. So to re-iterate – a good business is a reflection of a good business owner.

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Key attributes of a successful business

October 25, 2011 11:14 pm

Some key attributes of a successful business.

1.      Happy customers

2.      Inspired and satisfied employees

3.      Information and processes streamlined and organised

4.      The ongoing push and pull of chaos and order

5.       A well thought out and executed sales and marketing strategy

6.      Procedures and processes documented and communicated continually

7.      Cash flowing with continued profitable growth

Identify which of these needs particular attention and get to work.

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Mirror mirror on the wall

October 25, 2011 11:13 pm

One of the realisations I’ve had over the last number of years is that our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world – a mirror if you like. Whether it is in the realm of relationships, our finances, our health etc, what we experience in the external world is more often than not a direct representation of what is going on in our internal world. When my desk or car looks more like a rubbish tip than a resort, it is because internally I am rushed and disorganised. Our business is no different.

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