Car Lovers – getting a customer to return

July 24, 2012 6:19 pm

Having a filthy car from my travel in the country and disliking the process of washing it, I decided to call into a car wash I’d never been to before – Car Lovers,Toowoomba QLD. It was my first time and won’t be my last time. Why?

– the employee was very patient with me describing all the various options
– did a great job with energy
– even though the detailing option wasn’t available due to being the weekend he let me borrow what was required.
– he then came over, suggested blackening my tyres, provided the product and upon watching my dismal efforts of application said ‘I’ll do it for you’.

Patience, Energy, Generosity and The Extra Mile

When a business goes the extra mile, customers are happy to drive an extra mile.