Efficiency Tip #8

September 4, 2014 10:23 pm

Tips for increasing your daily efficiency:

  1. Use a diary – electronic or paper
  2. Plan tomorrow today
  3. Use a headset when on the phone and deal with what you can immediately. e.g. send the email you promised, the meeting invite, book the job in etc.
  4. Arrive to appointments 10 minutes early
  5. Discard the To Do list and schedule tasks directly into your diary
  6. Become outcomes driven not time driven. ie. if you set aside time for marketing, the outcomes might be to arrange two meetings for next week. Once achieved move onto the next thing
  7. Limit distractions.Turn your phone onto silent (or give to your assistant) and turn email alerts off while working on the important. Make callbacks and reply to emails at scheduled daily intervals
  8. Return calls within three hours and emails same day
  9. Learn to travel light without checked baggage
  10. Conduct stand up meetings when there are only a few quick things on the agenda
  11. When a meeting is near completion stand up and walk toward the door. The attendees will follow suit
  12. Work with a sense of urgency and speed
  13. Keep yourself rested and refreshed