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Much of my consultative work relates to tailor-made projects designed to bring you the changes you need at a rapid rate. These are specific to the outcomes you are seeking and broadly in the areas of process and people improvement. We list the objectives of the improvement project, creating relevant metrics to ensure you can measure the changes being made. These always have defined timelines with a 100% quality guarantee. To discuss a specific change project call me direct on +61 403 341 105 or email me at


We often set sail with the right intentions and focus, knowing what our priorities should be, but the strong winds of busyness and the urgent whip up, blowing us off course and delaying progress.

Two of the common statements I hear from business owners and managers are: “I know what to do but doing it is a whole other thing” or, “all I seem to do is put out fires.”

I have designed the following to assist you to sail in the right direction, focused on key priorities and assisting in making them happen.

Whether it is being a sounding board and keeping you accountable in the areas of strategy and planning; sales or marketing; leadership and people management; personal performance and productivity; time management; lifestyle design and helping you create a life outside of business or pure accountability to keep you focused on achieving your key priorities and outcomes, this six-month program provides you with unlimited access to me for the duration in any area that you require improvement in.

Pre-dominant communication is via phone, email or Skype and you will have unlimited access to me for the duration of the coaching period. It is advisory in nature in that I will advise, coach and hold you accountable to achieve your desired outcomes.
It will include:

  • Six months of unlimited contact and document review within business hours ACDT. Document review will be completed within 24 hours and all calls/emails returned same day wherever possible; most often within 3 hours.
  • Two days together in Adelaide. One to begin with and the other part way through the coaching period.
  • Documenting the major objectives you want to achieve in our time together;
  • Regular check-in times to assist in keeping you focused and on track;
  • Occasional face to face meetings are possible but whenever mutually convenient.

Your investment: $9,000.00 +GST

  • Full fee paid upfront achieves a 5% discount or….
  • 50% paid prior to the program start with the balance due 45 days later. If the balance payment is not forthcoming, the program will stop until payment is completed.

No refunds are provided for.

TO REGISTER OR DISCUSS FURTHER…email me at or call on +61 403 341 105


Adelaide. Date and details TBC 

Streamlining Business Processes and People’s Productivity for Maximum Efficiency From the smallest to the largest of businesses, being efficient in areas of administrative/job processes and the people involved at those process points is critical to maximizing productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and your own personal sanity as the business owner or manager.

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