Improving Inputs Increases Outputs

March 5, 2014 6:03 am

Even the best run businesses have degrees of inefficiencies. The need to continually be alert for areas on the slide is essential to keep your business in top condition and performing at its best. Elite athletes are aware that inputs determine outputs. What they put in they get back. And just as they constantly monitor both their external performance and internal inputs, the elite business does exactly the same.

Many businesses expect increased results but neglect the process of identifying and correcting what goes into creating that increase.

Beginning the improvement process is often the hardest part. The starting point is to identify the two or three areas that need the most attention and then start with those. Be mindful that often low outputs in different areas can be the result of one cause. For example, one persons inefficiency (input) could be causing output issues in administration, error rates, invoicing delays and the like.

Look for the one thing that will change the many.