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August 2013

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HEADSPACE- Making Changes that 'Stick'

All of us wear glasses, through which we view the world through. We make judgements, choices and entertain biases based on the way we see things. Our outlook is based on the historical sum of our choices, experiences, education, peers, authority figures and so forth. Essentially then, the way we internally view the world, is what our actual world will look like. It will be a direct representation. 

Along the journey, and particularly in running a business, we realise that in order to go to the next level, or make significant changes to where we are, change initiatives need to be implemented. These external actions are derived from need and desire. Cashflow issues, people challenges, low sales, inefficient processes, pursuing growth etc, drive the change process. 

Unless there is alignment between our thinking and our actions, the improvement initiatives and changes will not last. In one sense, creating external improvement change is the easy part. Changing the glasses that we wear is quite another. 

Hypothetical scenarios

1.     Due to the costs of high attrition, a manager is employed with the mandate to improve longevity and the morale of employees. But, due to the business owner viewing people as liabilities, not  to be trusted nor given autonomy, and having to be micro managed every step of the way,  the change process is undermined.
Mindset/history = employees can't be trusted

2.     The constant challenge of cashflow makes one look at
the upstream processes and realises there needs to be changes made. While in principle and out of need they know they have to make changes, when the initiatives begin, the process seems too slow, aborting it half way through.

Mindset/history = chaos and the thrill of the chase represents growth while bringing order signifies going sideways or worse, into decline

3.     Opportunities abound in new and developing markets for
a young business.  Growing at a fast rate of knots, the leader realises that the business requires restructuring and consolidation and proceeds with implementation. While on the outside change is happening through others, the leader has to maintain control and can never let go. This results in a stressed workplace environment that never really finds its next stage of life

Mindset / history = if I'm not in control, the business won't grow

You only have to read the national business news to find stories that abound of exceptional business and political leaders, that had so much potential but never made it due to their personal biases, habits and weaknesses. The late James Rohn stated “work harder on yourself than on your business.”

If you want to bring change that sticks, be aware of and get to work on aligning your inner world with the external change you are implementing. Ask yourself the question "could there be a better way of doing things?" Your business, your family and the ‘you’ will be better off for it.

Good luck!

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Financial Performance
Increasing Sales Through Understanding People

Sales is both art and science, the foundation of which is trust. Trust is established from building rapport with a potential client. Given the fact that we don’t have countless hours, months and years to build trust in a sales situation, getting a quick read on the persons external behaviours and their major goals and needs will assist in building rapport and gaining their trust much earlier than otherwise would be achieved. Companies often will invest much time and finances into increasing their sales forces product knowledge to the exclusion people knowledge.

Behaviour and Needs

Some time back I was recently accredited in the DiSC Behavioural profiling system with the national accreditation manager meeting with me to ensure I knew the process. It was a quick meeting in a city hotel and went very well. I walked away from that meeting thinking “Gee he was a good bloke” realising as the words left my mouth that the reason I liked him was because.... he was just like me. He matched my behaviour perfectly thus gaining rapport in a matter of minutes.

Being able to communicate to our prospect or customer, based on their preferences (whether external behaviour or internal needs) is essential in gaining rapport.  When we approach a sales situation based on their preferences, tailor making our approach accordingly, the chances of success increase dramatically. Some things to be aware of:

1. Are they fast paced (active) or more moderately paced (reserved)? Areas for observation are in their speech, the speed their mind processes information, body language etc.

2. Are they assessing or accepting? Watch for:
    - Animation or lack thereof
    - Open or closed posture
    - Cool or warm face
    - Casual or formal

3. What is most important to them?
    - Control and results?
    - Accuracy and the detail?
    - How it will affect other  people/recognition?
    - Security and stability?

4. Some prospects will want to:
    - connect first with you personally prior to hearing about your product
    - just get to the bottom line and what it can do for them
    - know all the detail to make a calculated  decision
    - understand what the broader ramifications are for their company, how it will affect people and systems etc.

For example, there is nothing worse than a salesperson laboriously giving you the detail when all you want is to know how much and how fast you can have it.

Once you get a read on the person, based on their external behaviour and what their major goals/needs are, and then go about matching and meeting them, the sales cycle is considerably shortened with sales levels reflecting an increase.

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Efficient Process

Strategic Planning

When planning the future path and progress of your company, my advice...keep away from business plans that need binding at the end of the exercise (unless you are doing it for the purpose of raising funds or want the exercise simply to think through all business areas.) If it doesn't fit into these categories, keep it short, focused and to the point, combining an initial SWOT analysis, goals and key action points.  

Here is a link to one that you can download for free. Click here

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The Cellar Notes
For the lover of the Gin Martini

If you like it very cold and very dry, try Ray's Martini

Pour two shots of London No3 Dry Gin (stored in the freezer) into a chilled martini glass - no shaking or stirring required
Three olives or a lemon twist

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On The Lighter Side


The People You Meet!!!

 I started learning to dance recently, fulfilling a goal I've had for years. For a long time I've always declined women who ask me to dance when watching live music (preferring the safety of leaning on the bar.) Upon starting dancing I determined to always say 'yes' when asked to dance. Here is a recent experience.

A woman asked me to dance to which I responded 'yes'.
After the dance a guy comes up to me and says 'my girlfriend is really interested in you.' I said 'but she's your girlfriend' to which he responds 'yes, but we're (wait for it) swingers.' I politely blended back into the crowd at that point.

The last song comes and she asks me to dance again to which I say 'yes'. After the song finishes the guy comes back to me and asks....'would you like to come home with us?' NOOOOOOOOO!

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