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January 2014

Happy New Year!
I trust the Christmas / New Years season has been a refreshing one for you. As the new year gets under way I thought it appropriate to theme this edition around making the year count - both from a personal and business perspective.

And as always, if you need any assistance with your business improvement endeavours please don't hesitate to either reply to this email or contact me direct on +61 403 341105

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THOUGHTS for 2014
  • Build on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses. 
  • Where and how did you achieve success last year or in recent years? Build on this
  • We are generally successful in areas that we are internally motivated towards
  • There is plenty of money. Customers part with it when they see high value in your products and services
  • How does your work benefit the buyer in terms of meeting their tangible and intangible objectives?
  • People take note of leaders in their field. Those who are part of the pack are rarely seen
  • Schedule time off and stick to it
  • People are driven by self interest
  • Learn something new this year, go some place you've never been
  • Go where the business is. Don't wait for the phone to ring
  • Don't rely on current success. Undergird your business with a solid marketing platform
  • Build in rewards for your staff and yourself, as you achieve significant milestones
  • Create a 'stop doing list'
  • Just as nature has its seasons, so does business
  • Take time out for thinking and for personal replenishment
Think Outcomes Not Goals

re- posted article
If you've been in business for any length of time you've heard time and again about the importance of goal setting. Goalposts, as in football, help us define our aim and assist in directing our energy toward that end. The goal scored provides the outcome we are after – points against the opposition.Often times though, a subject can lose its power. We read about goal setting, attend seminars, try our best to action what we've learned but still seem to head toward the oppositions goals. Deflating!

Here’s a twist on goal setting.Think outcomes not goals.

Outcomes are the results that ‘come out’ over a set period of time and from specific activities. For example, heading into today we could set the following:
1. Call key prospects and set two new appointments for next week
2. Follow up 4 previous clients to see how they are progressing and communicate the latest products available
3. Complete ABC Pty Ltd quote and post
4. Visit each of my staff over the day and express how much I value them
5. Knock off at 4pm for an hour’s exercise before dinner

Five outcomes that are easily achievable and measurable. At days end you will have the satisfaction of tangible results from your planning and actions.Outcomes can be set for any period of time and in any area of life. Try it for a week. You might just find a new sense of success, the feeling of a job well done and that you’re not simply sitting around watching the opposition beat the pants off you.

Good luck!

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The Eagle

latest blog post
Watching a flock of birds flying together, I noticed in the distance an eagle flying solo. The flock were doing what all flocks do – flapping their wings to maintain their togetherness and to continue on their merry way to their group destination. The eagle on the other hand seemed content in his solo existence. Effortlessly appearing to chart his own course. I picture him celebrating his differentness.

When it comes to our businesses and vocations, I observe that most are in the flock. They jump on the same bandwagons, do what everyone else is doing and fall prey to the latest fads and self help/business theories. You only have to read the daily posts on Facebook to see this play out. It’s convenient, safe and demands little thinking or self belief. Do what the other birds are doing, go where they are leading and we’ll be OK.

Being an eagle takes courage. An eagle simply acts according to its being. It knows itself. It trusts its faculties. No flapping – just soaring. No ‘pack security’ – happy to chart its own course. Does what it was born to do.

As the new year gets under way, understanding YOURSELF in the context of your business or vocation is foundational. Do you love what you do and are you good at it? If not, be an eagle and change – leave the pack. If you do, ask “what makes me/my business significantly different to the flock?” Then ACT according to your ‘being’. You will see greater reward and experience less flapping.

Oh, and when the flock questions you, tells you it can’t be done, to seek something safer or de-friend you, you’ll know you are in the eagle category. It’s not safe but its definitely the way to fly.

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New in 2014


New: IGNITION Coaching Program
Aside from the efficiency consulting work I do, I have decided to release a new coaching program in 2014 called IGNITION Coaching. It is a nine month program and details can be downloaded by clicking here

Updated: Trades, Mining and Industrial Mentoring Program
Details can be downloaded by clicking here.

"Ray has been an excellent guide and mentor over the past couple of years. His insights into certain aspects of our business have given us a clear direction and focus for the future." From Darren Hart (Accountant)

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The Cellar Notes

If you, like me are a coffee lover (some have other names for it), have an espresso machine and enjoy the taste distinctions of various blends and beans try Toby's Estate. Not all that easily found in some states but if you come across it make sure you give it a shot. It has an edge to it that many of the more common marketplace coffees lack. I order it as an espresso; strong, rich and the only coffee that I've ever experienced that when poured correctly tastes like it has liqueur in it. If you want to add to the experience order it as a corretto, requesting grappa as the additive. The perfect end to a long day.
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On The Lighter Side

Mindlessly arriving at the airport I went to the lounge and said "can I have my boarding pass for the Melbourne flight." The girl looked up my booking and said "you are actually going to Sydney." You are correct I embarrassingly responded.

In This Issue:
Ray Hodge is the Director of Ignite Business Consulting. He speaks and consults to businesses & organisations, a notable event being the Department of the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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To reach the next mountain top means effort. If you’ve failed once or a hundred times at least you’re closer to making it work than if you had never tried. Training, applying resources to assist in the journey, working it out and never taking your eye off the goal are foundational requirements to growth

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"During my 15 years in the trade service industry, I've met with many coaches, consultants and business mentors. Ray is one of only a very few that I would enthusiastically recommend. Ray and his work at Ignite have proven to humanise and demystify much of the consulting jargon and methodologies in order to produce rapid and concise results. Ray has proven his value many times in the industry by means of understanding the nature and key touch points of contracting workflows thus helping businesses evolve. His reliance of methodologies that actually work and his willingness to meet business owners at their level is just one of the necessary masteries Ray has but many others don't. I look forward to continuing to promote Ray, Ignite Business Consulting and his literature as they have enhanced my endeavours in the service industry significantly."
Rob Francis
Business Development Manager
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