Ignite Business Consulting work in partnership with companies who are experiencing rapid growth, those who are in chaos and need to regain order and direction, and those who have plateaud requiring assistance to push through to the next level. We measure the results of our work against the current performance of the business, deliver project based consulting with anticipated time frames of completion. All of our work carries a 100% guarantee. Our work can really be summed up in two words

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Mentoring Program: Trade, Mining & Industrial

The creation of this program has come from my extensive work within these sectors. They are designed to get the business stuff done that you’ve been too busy to accomplish on your own, along with a significant increase in personal satisfaction for your efforts.

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IGNITION Coaching Program

When it comes to business, many complicate what is relatively simple. We attempt a hundred things when in fact it is only the one or two areas, that if focused on and executed with excellence, the many other desired outcomes are achieved – all from the simplification of focus and corresponding activity. There is no jumping through irrelevant hoops in this program. It is designed to go straight to the core issues and deal specifically with those.

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Key speaking topics include:

  • Efficient Leadership
  • Efficient Marketing – Integration at the Intersection
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Efficient Process
  • The power of focus, goals and planning
  • Understanding your core business drivers

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Workshops and Training

Ray Hodge is an accredited DiSC trainer and has worked with individuals, companies and churches in helping people understand themselves, their teams, managers and customers by applying the DiSC behavioural profiling system. Ray also uses the DiSC system for sales training.

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