Systems and Strategy Improvement

Driving efficiencies through your organisation to achieve dramatic results.

People often assume that the people who request external consulting and objective advice must in some way be damaged or on the verge of going out of business. This could not be further from the truth. Most of the organisations we work with are doing exceptionally well. They simply want to be better at what they’re already doing extremely well.

Below are five major characteristics of those we work with:

  • are experiencing rapid growth and require adjustments and external advice to maintain their success
  • have had a season of profitable growth – requiring the consolidation of past gains and to maximise their future potential
  • are in chaos and need to regain order and direction
  • have plateaued and require assistance to push through to the next level
  • simply want to improve on their current success

The majority of our consulting work is project based with defined objectives, metrics and anticipated value of the project itself. We like to work quickly, are results focused and work to a documented time frame. We guarantee our work and will complete the project to your complete satisfaction.

Major areas of our work include:

  • Streamlining Processes and Systems for maximised efficiencies in all areas
  • Strategy Clarification, Planning and Implementation
  • Financial Improvement
  • Increasing Sales
  • Marketing / Branding Effectiveness
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Corporate purpose

“We have worked with Ray Hodge from Ignite Business Consulting these past eight months. Our business had grown to a point where we really needed assistance with the systems and related people who interacted with the various procedures. Ray’s help has been invaluable in that we have achieved a more fully process driven business with significant reductions in turnaround time frames, particularly relating to administration, with quoting times reduced by half. Increased role and responsibility clarification of staff and management along with the introduction of a new job management system Ray introduced us to has also helped this to become reality. His ability to spot the key issues has been immensely helpful and are grateful for his assistance.” Brett Matthews – RNM Solutions Pty Ltd Perth

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