Think Outcomes, Not Goals

April 30, 2013 2:58 am

If you’ve been in business for any length of time you’ve heard time and again about the importance of goal setting. Goalposts, as in football, help us define our aim and assist in directing our energy toward that end. The goal scored provides the outcome we are after points against the opposition.

Often times though, a subject can lose its power. We read about goal setting, attend seminars, try our best to action what we’ve learned but still seem to head toward the oppositions goals. Deflating!

Here’s a twist on goal setting.

Think outcomes not goals.

Outcomes are the results that ‘come out’ over a set period of time and from specific activities. For example, heading into today we could set the following:

1. Call key prospects and set two new appointments for next week

2. Follow up 4 previous clients to see how they are progressing and communicate the latest products available

3. Complete ABC Pty Ltd quote and post

4. Visit each of my staff over the day and express how much I value them

5. Knock off at 4pm for an hour’s exercise before dinner

Five outcomes that are easily achievable and measurable. At days end you will have the satisfaction of tangible results from your planning and actions.

Outcomes can be set for any period of time and in any area of life. Try it for a week. You might just find a new sense of success, the feeling of a job well done and that you’re not simply sitting around watching the opposition beat the pants off you.

Good luck!