Wanky Marketing

June 28, 2017 12:48 pm

Garbage bins

No doubt you would have been approached by salespeople or marketing material that just didn’t seem to ring true.

I recently received a message from someone I don’t know personally who started by saying “you truly are a consultant with rare opportunity to be successful doing lucrative workshops. Have you ever considered doing your own…?” He’s obviously never read my website where there are two workshop related pages. He then went on to say “I find myself really motivated to help you here Ray. So much so that I’d even go ahead and invite you to my …workshop…as my VIP guest.” And I’m guessing, the same message went to all his contacts – that everyone was remarkable and everyone was VIP status.

Another marketing email I received once started with “I’m sitting here writing this email barefoot on the sand in front of my beach house.”

Two words that define wanky (used in the title here) are worthless and stupid.

My suggestion is that when you market yourself or your business; when you are meeting with a potential buyer to discuss their purchase of your product or service; when you are in negotiations, you do it in a manner that has the seal of authenticity stamped on it. Otherwise, apart from being assigned to the rubbish dump of the worthless and stupid, the delete button is within easy reach.